Arno Krimmer

Arno Krimmer | oeii Chairman - Signed Address

Arno Krimmer | oeii Chairman

Arno Krimmer is a Producer, Writer, Director and Lecturer who works for Hollywood, Bollywood & European film industry.

He is Executive Producer of the Hindi feature film JAANISAAR (2015), Producer of the awarded Austrian art film BARCODE (2010), Line Producer of the int. feature film THE ITALIAN KEY (2011) which won more than 20 awards at festivals all over the world and Associate Producer of the upcoming US off-beat comedy MIS-FITS.

Arno Krimmer has written Animated TV Series for Disney, Cartoon Network, KiKa and Austria’s premier film production company DOR Film. He was hired as a scriptwriter for the 3rd volume of the popular TV Series LILLY THE WITCH based on KNISTER’s book series which sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. He was also hired as a scriptwriter to turn Academy Award-winner Satyajit Ray’s popular children character Professor Shonku into an Animated TV Series.

Krimmer lived and worked in India for around 10 years and was the first foreign Resident Professor at the renowned Film & TV Institute of India in Poona. He has taught as a Visiting Faculty at Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods Int. film school within the Bollywood Film City, Mumbai, at University of Hertfordshire, England and at DSK Supinfocom.