SEP 19 – 22, 2014 | THE MAHABHARATA (in 99 minutes)

> Restaging this September 19 – 22  due to the great success!

Do you know the Mahabharata?

The tremendous Epic poem ist the most important dramatical and spiritual work of India.
Bloody like Shakespeares Dramas. Philosophical like the Faust of Goethe.  Fantastic like the Odyssee and also a religious work like for example the Bible.
Only much older.
It is written in Sanskrit and it is a very long story with lots and lots of characters.
The actors are playing it in German language.
In 99 minutes.
In twos.

Mahabharata | Dschungel Wien


The Mahabharata is basically telling the story of a fight for power between two mighty royal families in ancient India, who are related to each other as well.

On the one hand, there are the  100 „Kauravas“.
On the other hand, there are their cousins, the 5 „Pandavas“.
Though only 5,  these  brothers are the most famous heroes of their time and personal friends of an incarnation of God, Krishna, too.

Mahabharata | Dschungel Wien

Each of them embodies a certain human virtue: Truthfullness, Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Beauty. All of them are married to the Queen Draupadi, born of fire, who plays a catalytic role in this Drama of Love, Friendship, War and Urge for the true self.

The Mahabharata leads us from the roots of the conflict in the family with all her fascinating members and life-stories, to a period of happiness and fulfillment in the life of the protagonists, up to the great and horrendous betrayal and humiliation in the game of dice.  The story culminates in the famous „Bhagavad Gita“, the essential spiritual discussion between God and man in the moment of decision,  and finally leads into  the outbreak of war.

Will the earth ever come to peace again?

Vanessa Payer Kumar
Helmut Schuster


Mahabharata | ©

Mahabharata | ©

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