“If the male synonym for the tabla is Zakir Hussain, then the female equivalent has to undeniably be Anuradha Pal.”
- Hindustan Times, 2011


WORKSHOP – School of the Vienna Boys Choir - Monday, Sep 8

- The prestigious Vienna Boys Choir in collaboration with the Austrian-Indian Institute organized a workshop for Pandita Anuradha Pal at the Vienna Boys Choir premises.
Anuradha Pal | Vienna 2014

Anuradha Pal: Vienna Boys Choir Workshop, 2014

Gerald Wirth, the President and Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys Choir, makes it a point to introduce various musical traditions to his music students, so it was definitely not the first time the children studying at this school were listening to Indian Classical music. After all, Gerald Wirth had already collaborated with the great Pandit Ravi Shankar and earlier Vienna Boys Choir had also performed with Santoor Maestro Pandit Bhajan Sopori and his son Abhay Rustom Sopori. Even then the students were really amazed by Pandita Anuradha Pal’s sheer mastery over the Tabla as they had never heard anybody playing an Indian percussion instrument that well and asked many questions related to the instrument and how she was able to play that fast.
The students surprised Anuradha Pal then with a Bhajan (devotional Indian song) in Marathi language they had learned and an amazing fusion session took place. The Vienna Boys Choir staff and students thanked Pandita Pal for her visit and Artistic Director Gerald Wirth mentioned that it would be awesome to go on tour together one day.


CONCERT – Indian Embassy, Kärntner Ring 2, 1010 Wien - Tuesday, Sep 9, 18:00

- Anuradha Pal | Vienna 2014In the evening then another concert of Pandita Anuradha Pal, organized by Indian Embassy in collaboration with Austrian-Indian Institute, took place. It was held at the Business Center of the Indian Embassy at Kärntner Ring 2. Anuradha Pal performed solo, a tradition started by her musical Gurus Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain. She performed some classical items, but then also started telling stories using her Tabla, particularly one story about the traffic in Mumbai, then another story about Lord Shiva killing the demons and a third story about monsoon and thunderstorm in Northern India.

It was really remarkable to witness someone using a percussion solo for the purpose of narrating stories and painting various sceneries on the canvas of the mind of the audience.

The concert was attended by Indian Embassy Vienna’s Deputy Chief of Mission Dr. Suhel Ajaz Khan, Counsellor Pawankumar Badhe, Dr. Radha Anjali, President of the Austrian-Indian Society and many more. The Business Center was full up till the last seat.Pandita Pal once again displayed her complete mastery in various rhythm cycles and once again made the audience realise why music critics and connoisseurs have coined the nickname ZAKIRA for her, a female form of the name Zakir.

The entire performance was an experience to remembered. Pandita Pal is – without a doubt – India’s premier female percussionist – and definitely one of the best female percussionists worldwide.
It is our heart-felt desire to soon invite many more incredible Indian artists like Pandita Anuradha Pal to Austria.
Best Regards,
Arno Krimmer
Chairman, The Austrian-Indian Institute


Anuradha Pal | Vienna 2014

Concert with Anuradha Pal at Indian Embassy Vienna, 2014

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